PR & Advertising strategist with a knack for great storytelling.

About to take off. Come with me.

My Story


I'm a cold-blooded data analyst with a passion for saying the right words at the right time to win the right heart. In other words, I'm a marketing strategist. They say there's more to one than meets the eye. Come take a look into mine.

My Work 


Creative banners, digital campaigns and crazy media stunts. (Some) happy clients and a bit too much coffee. If you're not bored yet, take a little peep at my work. 

My Musings

Let's just say I'm a writer here and there. I enjoy the occasional (and, nonetheless, graceless) spilt of guts as it gives the sword-wielding amazon inside me fuel to fight. Words on marketing, feminism and technology - beware, small doses of ranting included.

I wouldn’t hesitate to give Maria any opportunity that you suspect she might be able to deliver. As her natural aptitude is bolstered by more practice and experience, she will no doubt become a force to be reckoned with in marketing and beyond.
— Max Tatton Brown, Founder, Augur Comms